My #1 Top Tip for Generating Sales on Fiverr


My top tip for generating sales on Fiverr stems from avoiding the most common mistake I see sellers making on this site. There are tens of thousands of gigs available on Fiverr, and just a few categories of services for sellers like ourselves to market in. It can thus be deduced that the majority of these gigs offer similar or identical services.

When a potential buyer visits Fiverr, they select a category or keyword and begin searching. At this point, the buyer is already aware of what they’re looking for, what they need and the type of gig they’ll buy. Despite this, I still see many sellers using both their gig description AND video to try and promote their service, explain what they’ll do and why their potential buyers need their service. This is totally the wrong way to go about it! The users you’re marketing too have already decided that they need the service; you need to sell yourself, NOT your service!

From the top, you need a short and accurate gig title. This will allow prospective buyers to quickly ascertain whether your service might be suitable for them. Your gig description should briefly outline your gig, your service and everything you’ll do for $5. This should only use a few hundred characters. Beyond that, your gig description should be used to tell buyers what they’ll get from you that they won’t get from anyone else. Your service aside, what skills, abilities or core values do you have that will benefit the buyer more than those offered by the hundreds of other competing sellers in your niche? These MUST be clearly outlined in your gig description in order to generate sales - the buyers are hiring YOU, not purchasing your service.

Most importantly, however, is the gig video. We’re all aware that gig videos massively increase sales volume, but do you know how to use that gig video in the most efficient way? The truth is, most buyer’s won’t even begin to read your gig description if you don’t appeal to them in your video. Humans as a species desire interaction. When faced with the choice between watching a video and reading text, the majority would rather watch the video. But as sellers, we need them to do both. Use your gig video to captivate buyers. Treat it like a 60 second job interview, where you must convince the panel that you’re the best possible candidate for the role. Talk about your experience, why you enjoy offering your service, your background on Fiverr and anything else that you feel will cause buyers to develop an interest in you. Once the potential buyers are sold on you as a seller, they’re much more inclined to continue on and hire you for the service you offer.

What’s more, is as this sells you, and not your gig, buyers are much more likely to additionally visit your other gigs and purchase those too. Making your audience feel at ease with you, and trusting that you’re the best potential hire available on the website is a sure-fire way to increase your sales and get yourself on the road to becoming a highly ranked seller here on Fiverr. :)>-


Read with interest on this post nivvie…I understand everything you wrote and makes perfect sense. I see how your review of “Develop and interest in you …” statement should bring home the bacon.(money - old english saying). You probably know that but just to be clear. Keep it real so to speak…thanks for your insight


No problem. I’ve had real success working this way, and I hope to share that with the rest of the community.