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My 10 days of experience as level 2

Hello everyone!

My name is Ozan and i am a new level 2 seller on fiverr, I started to work on fiverr at the start of this year, and it has been going good so far. I would have gotten to level two 2 months before, but i had some cancelled orders and that held me back.

But hurray! I got promoted to level 2 like 10 days ago.
And, i am not happy about this to be honest.

While i was level 1, my impressions stood around 12k. I believe i have seen more than 25k some weeks. And clicks, was high enough for me to be able to be asked for a commisions almost every 2 days for a long time. So i had at least 1 job all the time.

Now im level 2, and of course, i am aware that i am being compared against a lot more professional people, which hinders my progress. But i have hit the rock bottom in 10 days. I have 30 impressions right now. and 5 clicks. Its 1/1000 worst. And now my fiverr page feels like a desert which even snakes wouldnt cross.

How do you solve this? Does it happen to you? Does it get better? What was your first level 2 experiences?

This is my first topic. So i dont know if you can, but i would be happy if you also have any critisism about my gig.


i have the same problem. I was aiming to get the level, but now my gig is on the 10 search line. I could not work for the second month. What can I do? I updated tags, images, shared on facebook and twitter …

I had opened a ticket about it yesterday. The answer is somewhat satisfyng. After a week or so, it will be more clear i guess.

Here is the ticket and the answer:
“Hello there.
I have been promoted to level 2 seller a week ago. But my views, clicks and impressions hits the rock bottom now. What is causing this?
I tried the new promoting system. But it was not promoted. How does that work? When i look at the brief explanation about this system, i should be able to promote my gig. But it does not work
Thank you for your answers.”

And the answer:

“Hello there,
Donovan from Fiverr here. Thanks for bringing this to my attention, I will review your gig right away.
You will be glad to know that, after a further review, your gig has been fully approved and it is now visible to all our users. Your impressions and clicks will get back to normal very soon.
Regarding the promoted gigs, I can tell your gig is eligible to be promoted and I believe that you are notified accordingly. My records are showing that your gig is up and running and you can manage it by going to the Promoted Gigs tab in the header of the screen.
I hope this answers your questions and will be at your disposal for any future ones.

Very informative. It will help me for the coming days.

I will update this topic if something happens. Keep in touch


Hello again,

Yesterday, my views and click started to increase. Right now i got 633 impressions and 19 clicks. Still nowhere near what it was previously. But its better than 30 impressions and 5 clicks.

So it seems they really solved this one.

I will be giving another update couple days later.

what did you do for this?

To be honest, not much.

Opened a ticket, they answered it fairly fast. Telling me it should be fine soon. And its working.
Check the previous message for the ticket details.

I have moved this to Improve My Gig so that you can add the Fiverr link to your original post above as that is allowed in this category.

This may be helpful to you: Getting Through the Sales Slump - UPYOUR

Alright everybody.

Its been a while i have been level 2 and i think a little update should be here.

Its been good. I have doubled, sometimes trippled my income in comparison to the level 1 times. I had reach the 1.5k monthly(sometimes). I never had to check the buyers request. Costumers come to me, some of them even would prefer to wait 2-3 weeks if im busy to take their jobs. At the worst times, 2 people per day writes me.
I have asked to join the seller plus, i havent got the answer yet. That is still a mistery.

SO, keep your chin up people. Abd share your experiences too.

Thank you

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