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My 10 order completed so can i do this?

I have completed 10 orders on Fiverr and I want to increase my gigs price.

can I increase the price of my gigs at this time?


You can increase your Gig prices at any time you like.

With only 10 orders under your belt, I would not go crazy increasing your prices, but, if you are charging $5 now and want to go up to say $8 or $10, go for it.


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on this time my gigs price $10 so that’s why I’m asking that this good when my gigs price $15?

At first Congratulations on your completed tasks, anyway, Maybe you should continue the same price at this moment, (I mean another more 10 orders) then you can realize your improvement eventually the demand for services and you may increase your ultimate rate…

Thank you…


Okey and thank you so much.