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My 14th tip - Client hunting using google alerts

This is a method i haven’t used for my fiverr work but have had some nice success when hunting for clients for my offline freelancing business.

Google describes it as a way to monitor the web for interesting new content, in short Google alerts is a simple system where you can get a notification to your email every time something you defined as a search term or phrase is indexed by googles search engine.

How to use this to benefit your fiverr career.
Lets say you are a content writer on fiverr and your having a dry spell or your just new looking for your first client. Just head on over to google alerts and set up alerts such as “can anyone recommend a good writer” (you can also use wildcards, site commands and pretty much anything you use in normal google search), once get a suitable alert just approach the person looking for your services and tell them about your fiverr gig (be subtle though and if its a forum or a blog make sure its ok to post your fiverr links).

I have found myself using alerts more and more for different things, atm im using them for offsite feedback, client hunting, hype and buzz tracking of endeavors im involved in etc.

While waiting for an alert you can also check my old tip topic with 13 other tips

Thank you. Will try it out

Hi, this is a really good tip! I’m trying to set one up to match my gig. I resolve website issues; html, css, seo javascript or jquery problems. If you were looking for someone like me… what would type in the search or on the blog or whatever?

When i need help with website issues it usually a specific error or piece of code so i just use whatever is most relevant directly to the specific issue.
You could do some seo research for the best phrases in your line of work, or maybe target specific common issues on specific platforms.

When setting up alerts i usually setup allot of them using anything i can think of and then over time i remove bad ones and improve the ones that work.

Awesome! Thanks.

This is an awesome tip and something I never would have thought to do! Thank you!

I’ve stumbled across this tip before and there does seem to be great potential in it. Good share!