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My 1st buyer; new problem

I just got my 1st buyer as a Custom Order from Buyer Request. A T-shirt design. It looks like this piece is going to be best served with a stock image as an extra. How do I add a stock image to the order. I see the Add Extra in the order page. I guess what I don’t know is what to charge as the extra price because I don’t know what the image cost here through fiverr and the partnership with Getty. Single image.

Also, I don’t know how to get the image here from fiverr. Is there a page that explains all this?


I apologize cuz I might not be able to help you directly cuz I have no idea about your field… Until someone more knowledgeable comes along (to help you out), I thought I’d try and help you out the little I can…

I think it might be possible to get an idea about the prices for the gig extras by looking at the gig extras information of other sellers in your niche. Maybe you could look up their gigs and check out their gig extras… You might get an idea. :smiley:

Good thought. But it still leaves me with the primary problem of how to access the stock image option from a gig in progress

The gig I selected when responding to the buyer was my T-shirt design gig. I didn’t notice any place to offer stock images . So in any event I made the offer and now I find I need to add a stock image to the gig already in progress.

If you mean the Getty image extra, it cannot be added after an order starts. This is unfortunate but true. You would either have to get the buyer to order another gig and add the extra then or you’ll have to find another way to source an image. You could ask the buyer if they would like to find their own image on a site that provides free non-copyrighted images and they could send it to you. Other than that, it’s just a matter of being creative.

I’ve been digging around for some time now trying to find a solution to this problem. I just got my first order. Woo Hoo !!! and it seems I need to add a stock image to it. No provisions were setup in the original gig and this is a Custom Order. i see the Add Extras link in the bottom of the Order Submitted Information page. But I find no way to add stock image.

The only other alternative I can think of for this problem is to Have the buyer cancel the order and reorder through my posted Gig. Not a real happy idea… I’m really trying to make Happy customers.

Why don’t you just have the buyer order another custom gig for the price of the stock photo, if that’s what the issue is? I’m not totally sure I understand your issue, so if I misunderstood it this may not work.

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You can add a “Stock image” extra on the gig as a custom extra. If the buyer has already ordered, just send him/her an extra through the gig page so that the order price gets updated. You don’t have to cancel it. :slight_smile: