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My 1st day in fiverr please guide me

Hi! I am Aisha. I am a professional graphics designer and a student of BS Software Engineering. Additionally, I have completed special graphics designing courses. I create awesome graphic designs using the latest and best techniques and will give you what you want for your business! Thank

Hello and welcome to Fiverr!

Hello, @aish_rahat so happy that you have joined Fiverr, I am not sure what you need guidance on?

Hi! I just joined a few days ago myself. I’ve set up 3 gigs and had my first sale today. I need to set up 4 more gigs as I believe new user in their 1st 30 days may have a max of 7 gigs. Just set up your gigs & go! Hotep!(unshakable inner peace)

Hello and welcome to Fiverr!

The key is to be patience and never give up if you not have many orders! :wink:

Hello and welcome to fiverr




welcome to the fiverr



I cant upload more than 3 jpg pictures in a gig. I have had seen many gigs containing about 8 and sometimes 10 pictures . So ??? Why i can’t upload more sample pictures.

Hello !
thanks . And congratulationd on first sale

Hi andkoto !
I think i will not have to wait for orders . Insha Allah
I am sure i will get orders very soon as I am professional designer.

Hi aisha_rahat,
You did a great thing on your first day at Fiverr, coming straight to the forum.
I’ve been on Fiverr for a long year and its my very first post here :slight_smile:

I’ve just gone through your profile, my suggestion to you would be to be precise about your skills, instead of persuading your customers by just telling them the importance of ‘good stationary’ try to inspire by explaining what you can do as a graphic designer, what are your expertise on the tools involved, your turnaround time and that how far you can go just for a fiver. You’ll have to go ‘extra miles’ for a new seller :slight_smile:

Secondly, all three of your portfolio pics show almost the same thing, how if you merge all these into one pic and add some other inspiring contents for the other two slots.

wishing you a prosperous career on Fiverr,
Kind regards,

You can only upload 3 pictures with your Gig. The rest will have to be added as your Buyers allow when you complete their projects. They are called Portfolio images.

Ohhh :slight_smile: thanks uncal :smiley:

Your suggestions are very helpfull. Thank you :slight_smile: