My 1st Fiverr Gig Opened. But Still not Order yet it


What I do get Order ?


Hi - first establish a rapport with the buyer by engaging with their specific requests over messenger, then once you’re convinced they’re interested, tell them you’ll get started on the work once they place the order. I got my first order a couple of days ago by doing this. x


Thanks so much about reply.


Are you think, Have some mistake in my Gig?


You might want to have someone proofread hour gig. They can help you and you’ll look much more professional with correct grammar and spelling.


Are you think, Have more Grammar or Spell mistake in my Gig?


Uhm… Definitely grammar. Remember- you only get one chance to make a great first impression.
I would consider spending $5 and having someone re-write it for you.


ok I’ll contact You.