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My 1st Fiverr Gig

I’m wondering how do I get some attention and orders into my Gig, I made it from 3 days ago and till now I didn’t get much attention (7 impressions, 4 clicks, and 6 views). I’m wondering what can I do to get some attention:


Can’t anyone please help and tell me if I’m doing anything wrong??

This may help you to get orders:

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thanks @lloydsolutions , I’ll check it right now :slight_smile:

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Your title seems off, if you edit “your photos” (which is plural) then you make THEM* look better :slight_smile:
You can also make your gig more welcoming by creating a video presenting what you offer.

Thanks @nimblewords, I can’t believe I made that horrible mistake :confused: . however I’ll start on thinking about the video and making it.

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