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My 1st Gig is stuck as a 'Draft' & 'Verify' is non op. Help Please

Hello Fiverr Folks,

I hope this is the right catagory ?

PROBLEM # 1 I just started to fill out my seller profile yesterday evening , I got it all filled out with no problems.

Fiverr said: Your almost finished and ready to go live, You have one more step to go You need to verify by phone - text ’

Ok so since I live up in the mountains out of cell range, I saved my sellers profile and came back today and tried to get verified and it was No Go .

I cannot find any link or open field to re-start the ‘verify by phone-text’ feild

In the mean time My very 1st Gig’ that I am trying to finish is frozen as a ‘draft’ I cannot even ad the most important part which is my Voiceover Audio tracks.

I sent off a ‘Help’ Email to Fiverr and got the robo answer : ‘We will get to You when we get to You, until then ( next week lol ) have a nice’

Any suggestions- ideas etc, would help

Click on your username/photo on the main Fiverr page.
Choose Settings.
Click on Security from the list on the left.
You should see Phone Verification underneath the password change area.

if that doesn’t work, you might have to wait for Support. Good luck!

Why thank YOOoooooooo so much I will try that and report back …cheers

UPDATE: I did and it say’s in big red letters : Steve You are 54 year old a bad boy You need to > ‘WAIT 48 HOURS’ , so I am sitting in the corner with my face to the wall and no dinner tonight lol

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:smiley: Sorry, good luck in 48 hours!

I got it taken care of, THANKS.

Now I need to scan the community forums for “How To Upload Your Audo MP3’s to Your Gig”
( blushing NuBee lol )