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My 2 gigs are denied even i dont voilate third party voilation

Hy fiverr sellers
Last night my 2 of fiverr gigs are denied and demoted from level one even i did not violate any tos.
Due to demotion my 3 gigs are paused . i am very worried about this.
what should i do now???


It would be better to contact Help & Support to know more!

yes i have send mail to custom support team.

Good day @zeeshanad, may I know what your gigs are about?

my 1 gig was about instagram marketing and second gig was about fiverr gig promotion and website promotion.

Oh I see it it now yes, reason is because your Fiverr Gig Promotion isn’t valuable for Fiverr as new sellers can actually get all their questions answered on their ToS and rules, or even free courses on how to optimize their gigs. So a Fiverr gig related to helping new sellers with their images and optimizing their pages is irrelevant to Fiverr. But not sure if your gigs are related to this??

nope i did not make any change to gig.

Sorry I just edit my previous comment to your thread… see above