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My 2 gigs deranked suddenly

hi there, I am selling my services on fiverr as a video animator since 1 year my 2 gigs was ranked on first page but suddenly my both gig deranked, and I can’t find my gig on which page right know can anyone help plz…?


Did you receive a bad review? Because reviews can drastically change your ranking. Also what level seller are you?

not get bad review but 2 order was cancelled in a same day, My level-1

Fiverr might take cancellations as a bad thing and rank you under people with less cancellations even though the cancellations weren’t your fault.

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Thank you, But how I know where is my gig right now?

hello guys, i hope you are doing great. yesterday i made changes to my gig for (extra fast delivery i made changes in price) only nothing else then after it suddenly disappeared from everywhere i have almost 1200reviews on that gig and i contacted cs but did not satisfy with their answer. it was on 1st page 1st rang from past 6-7 months. i was getting 10-12 orders average daily but yesterday only got 2-3 and my impressions also went down to bottom. can you help me please. i am really regretting why i changed the fast delivery price… yes also even if i’m writing full title of my gig still cant view it and its getting more worse day by day

Gig rankings are constantly rotating every day and there’s no way to guarantee a top spot for your gig. For example, you could be on the first page one day and the last page the next day.

Focus on what you can control, not what you can’t. I would suggest reading around in the Forum for more tips and information and implementing those into your gigs and profile!

Editing your gig can temporarily affect your gig ranking.

Also for future references, please search your questions in the Forum before asking them! There’s many already existing threads that could answer your questions!

You can use an incognito tab and then search words related to your gig and you will find your gig and then you know what page it is on.