My 2 gigs stay first page


Hello friends last month I join fiverr. I have 6 gig.and my 2 gig stay first page.and every day marketing my gig. Send buyer request.but I have no order.what I need to do.
Please check my gig
and help me.


UPYOUR :moneybag: game! :anchor:


Hi Mehdi Hassan,
I’m glad to know that you have your gigs on first page. But make sure that which keywords are you using while searching?.
For example you are working on WordPress Websites Niche. Then you should know that which keyword will be more useful to search as Buyers will search WordPress Website more than Good Looking Website. So make sure that tags are useful. And also use appropriate pricing and description so a buyer who is getting through your gigi, should be attracted to buy it. It is only possible to use professional and clean gig image and also a good description about your gig.
All the best.


Thanks your help @nikavoice


thanks @asfandyr I already change my key word and image. :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:


Congratz ! :grinning:


If you visit your own gig (and we all do), it affects the search results and you’ll show better than you would for anyone else searching. Search using an incognito window to find out how you’re really doing.


actually it doesnt affect the search result. or everyone would do this every minute.

The search placement is based in a “custom” rotation, already confirmed by CS.

But entering in your own gig wont affect your result in search


Try it, friend. Right now.

You said, “…or everyone would do this every minute” indicating perhaps that you don’t know what I mean. Like Google’s search results, Fiverr remembers where you’ve been, and likes to suggest you go back there. So while visiting your own gig over and over will do nothing for your general search rankings, it will help to mislead you into thinking you’re on the top of your category (as the OP thinks), when you might not be.


I just did, nothing changed

I entere in my gig every hour and the placement doesnt change, it just rotates like I just said.

it’s based on your performance, not in your gigs view.

if you refresh the page it will probably rotate too without anyone opening your gig.

It doesn’t make sense, or it would be easy refreshing your gig page every second and just top the searches.


thanks @selfors I already search my others friend windows give me same result. my key word wordpress problem solve


You truly do not understand what I’m saying.


The first page of the search result or category page?


I sincerely understand.

But it also depends on the browsing you are using.

Fiverr is created to work perfectly on google chrome. I tested what you just said and nothing changed. It didn’t went up or down for me or anyone else (unless they are using another browser). I also tested in incognito mode, with different computers, browsers (cache and cookies cleaned), also asked my brother to do this with his account. Nothing has changed.

Maybe that’s why fiverr recommend everybody to use Google Chrome, because may not show these kinds of issues.


I think being at the top doesn’t really matter. But what really matters is the image and how to convince buyers with your words or pitches. For example, there were 28 bids on a buyer’s request board about product description and normally most buyers will only peep at 1-15 bids. But I got a buyer’s attention with my “convincing words” and I was awarded the long-term job automatically.


yes, it matters. it’s not the only thing who matters, but it matters too.

I’ve been 3 years here on fiverr, when my gig top the searches, i have more impressions, and as consequence more clicks, more views and more orders. The conversion rate practically was always the same, but it shows that when on top you sell more.

this has nothing to do with placement. Top the searches are only good when a buyer is looking there, and not at buyers request. At buyers request section, buyers not care about placement, I’m not even sure if the can analyze this without researching gig by gig.