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My 20 days experience

hope you all are fine and doing great on fiverr. I am new at fiverr and using this platform since first few days i get bored from this site because i did not get any order or any response from the buyers due to this i disheart.

then i started research about fiverr means how to get improved.I read different blogs and watch different youtube videos which makes me motivated so i still using fiverr and i am sending buyer request , improving my gigs day by day and hope so i will definetly get an order very soon.

one great thing i must say that the sellers of fiverr are very polite and very humble to every new seller.they give different advices to new comers to make them up.
so i must thankyou to all of you for being humble to new ones.



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I see your recent delivery was 7 days ago.

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