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My 2nd and 3rd Months as a Fiverr seller rocked too!


Hi everyone, I have been so busy for a long time and I have wanted to come back and share here with everyone how it has been going.

So my first month on Fiverr blew me away and then by the end of my second month I had already made it to be a Level Two seller.

I have some repeat buyers that are so awesome to work with and I actually had to change the prices of my gigs, not because I really need more money but simply because I had to actually slow down the amount of orders that were coming in!

Unfortunately that has not worked… the orders are still coming in, which is also quite awesome I guess but I am struggling to keep up with all my work now!

In just over 2 months I have received 73 orders and made over $750. It’s not a huge amount of money sure, but it is a side income for me and money is always appreciated!

I’ve also been having lots of fun placing some orders with other sellers since I have the money in my Fiverr account anyway.

Hope everyone is well!



Awesome story. Dont stop, just go with the flow. Wish you more and more.


@saddu_writer Oh I would never stop, if it gets too busy I will get someone to just load up the guest posts on my websites for me and even hire a content writer to do the guest posts where I provide the content! This is just way too fun :slight_smile:


Great to hear Lynne but it is not surprising.
You offer a great service, fairly original gigs and you act professionally. I suggest you push through the busyness as I believe this point is key in establishing yourself on Fiverr. You may notice that your gigs don’t rank so high automatically now (as they were benefiting from the new seller promotion) and your repeat buyers become more important from here. It is clear that Fiverr prioritizes people who deliver high quality and repeat business so ensure that the orders you get now continue to deliver the same high quality as before. Before considering outsourcing, I would suggest you try to continue and if you can, outsource the grunt work rather than creative stuff like writing. A decent virtual assistant can work wonders in pulling out images, gathering info etc for you rather than you endlessly searching for stuff. Try work it like that to give you time to focus on the stuff you are best at.


Yes I believe you are so right. I know exactly what works on my website and what doesn’t so it is best that I continue to write!

I do think I am needing a virtual assistant anyway to help me with some work that I need done on my blogs completely unrelated to Fiverr. I just have some serious trust issues… I had an employee once and let’s just say it didn’t work out so well!


When getting a VA, I’d suggest first spending some time figuring out what exactly you need done and creating clear instructions. Break it down into smaller tasks and then try out a few people to see who works best with you. Some prefer VAs to work at the same time as them, others prefer giving the instructions, going to bed and waking up with it done - it depends on whether there will be over and back too.
Just be careful to always back up!


Yes @eoinfinnegan that really makes sense. I know exactly what I want a VA to do for me soon, but right now it is something new I am trying out and while I am in the testing out phase I want to have complete control over it. I also need this project to start bringing in money before I pay money out… it should only take another 3-4 months of hard graft.

Then I will be ready to hire a VA!


Working in fiverr as an animator is a pleasure to me. In my first month, I got nothing. But in the 2nd month I got 2 sale. But don’t know how I gonna get more works as I love animating thing and attract people :wink:


I am newbie here. I was sad because i didn’t get any order. But after reading this post i think i am positive. i have gathered my courage. Thank You Very Much. Wishing All The Best For you. :grin: