My 2nd gig =)


almost the same as the 1st one but this one is a video. tell me what u guys think!

since im bored right now i can make 1 sample each to the first 2 who will reply here in my thread. =))


This is awesome, again!

Can you make pokemon-like games too?


i can make that too but now my gig is only the video like the one in my sample video. so u can use them for greetings or intros and stuff. since u are the 1st to reply i can make you one for free. pm me your script and ideas. =)


No, I do not want any freebies… Thanks for the offer though. :slight_smile:

I was just asking out of curiosity


not related on my gig but do u know how many should i sell so i my icon can change to level 1?? its hard for me to sell coz i dont have rating yet =))


10 and you will have to be active on Fiverr for a month


Good luck.


thanks a lot!


You bet! In no time you will be a Level 1


You’ll have rating as soon as I can write my instructions to you :slight_smile: LOL