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My 2nd milestone is marked late incorrectly? Please help

I’m freaking out a bit because my 2nd milestone is currently marked as one day late, despite the 1st milestone being approved only 10 minutes ago.

The 2nd milestone time allotment is 5 days, as was the first which I submitted on time two days ago. It says the 1st milestone was delivered 5 days earlier than it actually was, and I think that’s why it’s currently marked late–but it says the 2nd milestone started on January 25.

Some kind of weird glitch, or do I need to request extra time on the order to avoid it being marked late?


I think your 2nd milestone started on 25 Junuary but you submited your first in 26 Junuary thats exectly you are 1 day late .
Now you need to take more time .

Didn’t this happen after the customer requested a revision of the delivered product?
If yes, I had a similar one. Not worth paying attention.

Maybe this is just a bug (which the team knows about and maybe it will be fixed during the maintenance scheduled for the weekend). But this is my guess :slight_smile:

In any case, do not worry if everything is done on time on your part.