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My 3 Biggest Tips For Every Seller on Fiverr

Here’s my 3 biggest tips for every single seller here on fiverr. Enjoy!

1.) Like what you do!
- An old saying goes something like this: “Don’t do what you like, but like what you do.” I’m not saying don’t choose a path that you’ll enjoy, but rather, when you’re in that time when you’re “bored” or starting to get tired of what you’re doing, look at the positives, and do your utmost to fuel your passion with your mindset.

2.) Don’t give up!
- This is especially for you sellers like myself who just can’t seem to get a single sale. I know how easy it is to feel like giving up, but do what I’m about to tell you; trust me, it’ll help a lot. With whatever you do in life, set goals! Goals give you a powerful incentive to continue pushing forward in whatever you’re doing (in this case, with your gigs.)

3.) Think. Research. Experiment.
- I cannot stress enough how important it is to simply think! Think as in let ideas poor into your head whenever you have the chance. And grow on those ideas, perhaps write them down! Then, take those ideas and do your legwork. Research, research, research! Find out facts, look at other related gigs/sellers, and accumulate them to get into this next step. Experiment! The more you experiment the more you’ll find out if your ideas and research really can improve your selling. Now, don’t be experimenting with illegal/things against the rules. This will get you nowhere expect to the next ban or perhaps even to a court! But take those ideas and your hard-earned research and form plans out of that to implement them into your own selling journey.

Anyways! I hope you got something out of this.
I’m no pro or phycologist or anything, but hopefully I helped some of you looking for some help when your in a “pitfall”. Thanks for reading these 3 tips and what I had to say. Have a great Fiverr journey!


Thanks for your advice


Sadly though, there are plenty of people who refuse to think on their own and try to get someone to spoon feed the information, looking for an easier route.
I hope you don’t get posts like:
“OK thank you for your advice but so what do I do to get order.” :sweat::sweat:


Thanks for your tips. Hope these will be very useful for all.
Hope you will be successful very soon. All the best for your Fiverr journey :slight_smile:


Really motivating and inspirational advice…


I mean, you’ll get some flack for posting tips while having no sales or reviews, BUT I liked your article the most from the bunch of similar ones we get.

Especially this part. Your job doesn’t have to make you miserable. There is a certain social and cultural conditioning that work makes you suffer and then you should complain about it in a bar on Friday evening but it’s just not true. It’s possible to get joy and fulfillment from what you do and fiverr is a good place to try and do that.


Thanks for the tip. What I will hold onto is, never give up. Think of a new way to impress buyer to buy your gig and also get ideas from others that are into what you’re doing who are doing better in it.

I believe I make sense


Thanks so helpful. Good to have you here.

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Hi, Thanks for helpful idea, Please continue writing regarding this subject. Have a nice day. :handshake:

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Yeah, Thats the Point “NEVER GIVE UP”.

Thanks for sharing such a motivational Words.


Thank you very much for your advice.

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thanks a lot…:slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks so much for this advice! It’s really helpful!

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Thanks.Nothing is truly easy in this life.we have to keep on striving till we break even.

And of course every SELLER has to be PROFESSIONAL in what he does, that is an important point.Otherwise, the quality will deteriorated and mediocre. :slight_smile:

cool i will definitely keep following your advices, as new member here i really appreciate this professional :slight_smile:

Your tips are very helpful. Thanks for this kind of tips which are inspired a new seller.

Thanks boss for your phenomenal advise.

thank you so much :v: :ok_hand:

This is a great post and I love the content. :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: