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My 3 gigs in top 3. I love this algorithm ;-)

I have 3 gigs with different services for Amazon France.
Today the algorithm decided to show my 3 gigs in position 1, 2 and 3 for the search “Amazon France” :muscle:
I know that it isn’t very hard because there aren’t a lot of gigs for Amazon France but that’s quite amazing to see that :grinning:
I wish you all the same success!


Wow! That’s surely incredible.

Well done.


Congratulations. Enjoy the moment.

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wow, I must say you are very Lucky.

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and a lucky person
Any tips for us how you did that?

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I didn’t do anything special.
I think that I am lucky because I offer a service with very few competitors. I couldn’t have the same result if I was selling english listings.

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