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My 31days experience on fiverr


Well, its Official - I am now a level 1 Web developer and SEO Consultant on fiverr…*I expect some eye rolling from some of the fiver veterans, who have been doing this for a while now, but this is really a milestone for me and my services.

You see, With my 3 years if experience in web, graphic and SEO offline i have never being this happy until i joined I just discovered from a friend that i can maximize my potentials by putting this services online.

However, i was a bit reluctant with the decision. but the driving force to always excel in all i do pushed me into putting them on fiverr and this has brought me some of the most meaningful and rewarding experiences i have encountered.

With this in mind, I found fiverr, an online marketplace where everything is only $5. its been 31days i launched my services and i couldn’t be more pleased with my experience. My clients have been wonderful and the community has been rather friendly and its a young and lively group.

I LOVE YOU ALL! Blows kissess to all buyers

Thanks fiverr




Hi and welcome (with eyes rolling in jest!!)

Good luck and Happy New Year! :wink:


No no, no eye rolling at all. I might roll out the red carpet to welcome you to “the Level Up Club” …

This ability to think about your gig extras now is going to be key to your revenue earnings on Fiverr as well as you progress.

Glad to hear your story and wishing you even more in 2014


Reply to @voiceoverwork: Thanks Happy New Year


Reply to @anarchofighter: Thanks Compliment of the season