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My 4.9 rating issue!

Hey everyone, I was getting 5.0 rating since starting, and a buyer gave me 4.0 rating so, it was became 4.9, and after completing a few orders with 5.0 rating, another buyer gave me 4.0 star rating, so my rating was 4.8, and after that i have completed 24 orders with 5.0 rating, and my rating is still 4.9.
Can anyone help me, that how can i recover my 5.0 rating, please.


Keep doing what you’re doing. The ratings will fluctuate up and down during a 60 day cycle.


it will change in every 60 days

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Well, the rating (“Positive Rating” metrics in fact) is the only metrics that is not influenced by 60 day rolling period. That means time plays no role here.

The “Positive Rating” calculation is pure math topic. You may want to simulate how many 5.0 you need to get back.

Note, there is also private feedback relevant to gig ranking, not only public one.

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