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My 5 star rating gig denied all of a sudden

Hello friends,

I am new on fiverr. I created a gig last month about forum posting and it was doing so well. I was having 5 star ratings with 100% positive reviews. Many buyers wrote excellent reviews about my high quality posts. This gig made me achieve my level 1 badge within 15 days of creating it. Today when I woke up, I saw a message from fiverr saying my gig has been denied as it was posted on the wrong category and marked as flagged or spam. Hows that possible? Where would you post a forum posting gig if not in Writing/translation following the sub category as articles and blog posts? ? I feel so heartbroken. I am just getting started on fiverr and I have to face such issues for no apparent fault of mine :frowning:

oh very sad

Hello, sorry this happened! What is a “forum posting gig”?

Stuff like “I will write x posts on a forum for you” I imagine

Yippie! I got my gig back from fiverr and that too with all the ratings and reviews with an apology from fiverr stating it was removed by some error. :slight_smile: I was freaking out as as loosing all the ratings and 5 star reviews is a big deal for a budding seller like me :slight_smile:

You are right emmaki :slight_smile: by the way, I am a huge fan of your satirical humour :slight_smile: