My 5 star review just came to an end and I can't make any offer on buyer request


My first order came on February 2days after i registered and earned $5 with a 5 star review. What a great start!!
4 new offers came this may starting from the first day. The first one was an order that will make me $100 richer. oh I was over the moon!!
Then came 3 orders of $5 each, 1 gave me a 5star review and the other 1 star. what a way to fall from the sky!!
I knew that buyer was trouble right from the start, when i wasn’t contacted before ordering the gig, did i forget to say that their was no description of the needed services. I had to work with the poor description the buyer finally gave after which the buyer asked for a review and i did some corrections but the buyer didn’t approve it until it had to be automatically approved by fiverr.
Now i can’t place offers on buyer request. What do i do?


Hmm. I also found a buyer like that and lost my Level1 batch for last 60 days until fiverr did my next performance evaluation on 15th may.
I had only 1star review for my life. All others are 5 stars till now. But only one poor review caused to lost my batch for last 2 months.

My opinion here is just don’t giveup anything. Maintaining 4.8 or above for next 2 months would be fixed the situation.


That was great news. please give me your tips. and I also earning on


Since you cannot send Buyer Requests, you are going to have you rely on yourself and your own resource to obtain orders for the foreseeable future.

I would also look into why your Buyer left that rating, provided that you have not done so already, so that you’ll learn how to improve for the future.

Good luck.


For me i think it is all about making a great impression that sets you apart from the other sellers that send offer through buyer request.
A buyer once told me that my offer was among the 3 that he really liked.