My 5 years old Gig suddenly been DENIED by FIVERR... Weird


Hi all,

I have an interesting story about my gig.

This is a Gig about an IT service to setup a proxy server on customer’s server or VPS. I created this gig about 5 years ago when Fiverr was still in early stage, not much people coming to Fiverr yet.

I didn’t do much change to my Gig description since long time ago. And this gig has been generating good sales for me.

Until then, in this month (April 2016), this Gig suddenly been marked as DENIED by Fiverr.

Here’s the email I received stating the reason why it’s denied:
“This Gig has been removed due to being flagged as spam, misleading users or illegal.”

I don’t understand why this happening because I didn’t do any major change to the gig and it’s been live for more than 5 years from now.

Anyone can answer this???


I suspect, there were some bad guy flagging/reporting my Gig as spamming… hmm…


Did you manage to reinstate it?