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My 5th gigs: I will instruct you to compose a simple song


I will instruct you to compose a simple song . You like music .

You knew the basic musical theory . You want compose some songs

to record any situation for yourself . Perhaps , to give your friends as a gift .

If you can compose a song perfectly , then any benefits for you ?.

Well, you can communicate to others , you can teach for your children ,

even you can become a … composer !. That` s a lucrative job !.

So, is it difficult to compose a song ?. Is there any rules ?.

How to compose a good song ?.

I will show you these principles briefly and understandably .

I will show you main and important factors to compose a song perfectly .

You completely can compose a song as soon as receiving my answer.

Everything will send to you for just $8 usd only !.

Plus further instructions you need, if possible .

Le Minh

Bac. of Physic – Researcher

  • To be authorized for Reseller .


So, if I only spend $5 usd on your gig and not $8, what do I get? Would I still be able to compose an incomplete song for $5? Will the song inadvertently become a silent lethal killer?