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My 6 months journey of 300 orders and TIPs

I completed today 300 orders and earn $8000 with 257 review with five star.
Its only Beucase i use my own idea of creating a GIG.

  1. Do not Copy paste GIG Just write text with keyboard when you creating GIG.

  2. Some Thing Unique in Title Like i write 2ow instead of Tow.

  3. Use Buyer request and social media platform’s on daily basis.

04 Join Fiverr Forum and earn badges.

  1. Maritain your response time 100%.

06 Deliver your work as soon as possible.

These are some TIPS from my side.
If any one want share any other experience i will be great full for you.


Wow! That’s impressive!

Highlights: you’re right. Don’t copy or steal other people’s gig description or images.

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Congratulation!! But how did you earn only $800? If you would sell only $5 gigs and received no tips at all you should earn $1200. :slight_smile:

Not 800 USD i said 8000 thousand USD.

Please correct your post! Or remove it entirely!


heh, well this is quite a difference yes. :slight_smile:
Well, congratulation again and I wish I will post something similar one day. :slight_smile:

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