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My 6 Years Journey on FIVERR - From Zero to Own Office

Hello Fiverr Family.
First of all i would like to thanks to my GOD that he help me all the time in all the stage and in all the movement of my life.

After that i would also like to say thanks to such a great platform none of other then and we all know its a

I am typing this through my mobile phone if there ia aome type miatake then please ignore it. Becauae i am very bad in typing :slight_smile:

In 2014 when i was started my fiverr journey i was not pretty much sure that i can also earn money online because i was thinking that online jobs are the fake and scams, but after joining fiverr my whole life was change.

After 6 yeqrs of strugling on fiverr now i started my own office and that is such a proudy movement of my life. I know there is still lots of people here who are still on a strugling mode but i must say that never give up until you are not achive your goal just focust on your goals and always think posative.

I also also tell you my failior and my sucess which i face in my 6 years of experience but in a next phase right now i juat want to motivate you all guys that always do work hard and alwaya think posative things.

In the last i must say that yoy always remember my this line it will motive you.

“I Can Do It, We Can Do It, If We All Can Do It. Then We Will Definitely Change Our life For Our Families, For Our Friends, For Our Fiverr Community & For Entire This Beautiful WORLD.”

In the last i am sharing some of my office pics just to motivate you guys that one day you will also strart your own company and bee your own BOSS. And my office color is also Green just to tribune fiverr logo color :slight_smile:



So many typo’s. It’s making me hard to believe your story!! :sunny:

It’s struggling.

Its “moment” not movement.







Just a suggestion: Please correct the typos if you really want to motivate the community!!

Good Luck!!


Please share some experiences as well.

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