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My account amount withdrawn but i didn't add any account/bank to it

Hello guys,

I am afraid as i didn’t yet request amount for withdrawn but my account amount is withdrawn on June 11th, can you please check what is going wrong with it?

on June 11th i contacted the Fiverr support that how can i add my bank account to it because i am showing there is an error. but after that now i am seeing in my earnings i have withdrawn the amount that was showing on my account but not now.

Why i am getting this? :frowning:


Is there anyone already faced this type of issue?



Hi @seoumer,

Have you checked with your bank if you had successfully added it?

The funds could be in your bank.

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We can’t check your account, this is forum, and we’re sellers and buyers. You’ll have to ask Customer Support.


No i was not able to add bank, i got this error -> You don’t have enough gains for withdrawal.

Then i contacted with Fiverr support and now my funds withdrawn, i didn’t received any email also about my funds.

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I know this is forum and i already contacted with support, i am here to ask from others if they experienced anything similar, may be they can guide me.

If you haven’t added your bank to your fiverr account before then when you have clicked on the bank transfer button , you should get an email .In that email you will get a link to add your payoneer account with your fiverr account . And after adding the payoneer account , when you will click on the bank transfer button , the funds will be transferred …

You will get this message when there will not enough funds for withdraw in your account…And in your screenshot we can see that your funds has been transferred to your payoneer account successfully . Have you checked the email that is attached with your fiverr account and also that email which one is attached with your payoneer account ?.Because they will send you email when you will get the revenue in your payoneer account .

Thank you for the detailed reply.

But i am saying i didn’t get any email from Fiverr plus i don’t have Payoneer account, i could not add it to my Fiverr for withdraw the amount.

When i got this error, my balance was $416. PayPal option also enabled and i clicked there but didn’t get the email from Fiverr to add my PayPal even. I wanted to transfer fund to my Bank rather than PayPal. But now i am seeing funds transferred don’t know WHERE. :frowning:

If you do not have payoneer account then why you have tried to withdraw through payoneer… It is little bit confusing . Check your email properly they should send you email… I have recently added my payoneer card and successfully withdraw my revenue…

I clicked on Bank Transfer not Payoneer.


I don’t know what is happening in my Fiverr not received email for any Payoneer or Bank attached, i checked spam folder as well, how can funds transferred to any Payoneer even i didn’t added in my account. :frowning:

That is payoneer bank transfer option . You need payoneer account for that… You should understand that by seeing their logo … However, you should contact fiverr support and ask if any payment method has been added with your account or not…Have you added any payment method before ?

Hello. I am having the exact same problem you detailed, and I went through all the steps you did. I am not hearing back from the support team either.
I was wondering if you could tell me if your issue was resolved, and how? I am not seeing the funds appear anywhere! :grimacing:
Thanks a lot in advance!

Hey i have Also not received any email when i tried to withdraw my amount from fiverr . I was expecting that it will ask me for my Payoneer account details but nothing happened now i am seeing my amount is withdrawal initiated. What should i do can u help me??

As everyone already said, you need to contact CS.