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My account $$$ and gigs are gone!


Fiverr erased ALL OF MY $$$ on my account, and wiped ALL of my Gigs - for absolutely no reason. I came back on my Fiverr account after about 1 week and half and see all of my money gone and my Gigs I’ve worked SO hard for over the years, yes YEARS, completely gone out of my account. Unbelievable. I will be submitting epic amounts of negative stuff about them esp. to BBB which we have a A+ RATING with. I’m so upset I still can’t believe they wiped my account. And I have no idea why or what happened. NO communication from Fiverr. Unbelievable.

UPDATE: ***** did actually “help” in providing a great solution to check. However, we did receive other statements that attempted to prove some points which we did not find helpful. When we seek to get help in solutions, we generally do not expect those in a forum to bash us. We’re already in a negative situation, so pointing out negative things really is not helpful. To those who’s motive is to help partner up and find a solution, we applaud you and appreciate you. You are what makes forums a resource rather than an outlet to point out faults. (and that harshness continues.) :wink:

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Did you send Customer Support a message and ask them why those gigs were removed?


Fiverr doesn’t take out people’s money from their accounts unless it was a Paypal chargeback which they can’t control. Or, rarely, they may have refunded someone’s money from a sale.

I hope you get this straightened out.


woah! Have you heard anything yet?


Are you sure this is a Fiverr related issue?

Have you ever shared your account information with anyone

Could it have been a hack - with the funds being stolen?

I encourage you to contact support right away.



Actually, we’ve never shared anything with anyone else. Ever.

We reached out to support and still haven’t heard any resolve. The support was the first place we went.

Thank you.


Haven’t heard anything beyond the “we got your request and are checking into it”. Someone else thought it might be an internal “hack”.

Wow, we worked so hard for so long to get such awesome reviews and revenue, only to have our account wiped clean out! Sheesh.



Oh yeah. First place we went to was to their support. Put in TWO requests actually. Only heard back the typical “we got your request and are checking into it” type of thing.

I’m totally floored with this. Worked so long and so hard ya know.



Us too. Not just the $, but ALL our long hard worked gigs and reviews we worked so long and hard for - for years! yeesh.



Well, two things…

First of all, sending Customer Support more than one ticket about an issue is actually a big no-no. One ticket is enough. The best thing to do when working with CS is to be patient, and following their instructions. You noted in a message above that they told you, “we got your request and are checking into it.” They are looking into your issue. Why is it so hard to be patient and let them do just that?

Second, you haven’t actually noted what your gigs were about. What services were you providing in those gigs? Perhaps those services were among those that Fiverr is no longer supporting, or, perhaps they somehow broke Fiverr’s rules. Perhaps you can clarify a bit more in this topic. There is always a reason for why Fiverr takes action. They aren’t doing things just to hurt you.

What were your gigs offering? Maybe that can provide some insight into this issue.


I can understand deleting gigs but taking the money too! It must have been a refund based on some kind of serious problem.


You haven’t paused your gigs without realising have you?

I can see this one:

and it does say ‘gig paused.’

Added - I found several more, and they’re all paused.


In addition to what @offlinehelpers said, have you failed phone verification, or simply ignored the request to verify your phone? Fiverr did say that, if people don’t verify their phones within a month of receiving the request, their gigs would be paused.


Good point - hadn’t thought of that! :slight_smile:

It is a few months since the OP’s last delivery, so that could well be the case!


Nope. Account was active, verified, etc. Been that way for years. it was an “all of a sudden” thing. Been busy, went on to peruse some gigs I need, and bam all my account gigs and anything in the $ account was simply gone.


But are your gigs paused?


Phone verification is sort of new, so it couldn’t be that way for years.


Interesting note. I did not pause all of them. But, I do see them in the paused state. that’s just plain weird. But I think you hit the answer right there.

Wonder why that changed. It looks also like a lot of the Dashboard changed or was updated as well. It might have affected that. hmm.

Regardless, thank you offlinehelpers!


You’re very welcome - I’m really glad you found them again! :slight_smile:


How about the funds you said disappeared? Have they resurfaced too or were they also paused?