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My account currently has a Avg response time

I need your help. My account currently has a Avg response time of 7 hours. I have sent 99 requests but I still do not have an order Is this why? If so, what is the solution?


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this may help you understand response time and response rate.

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Respond to all inbox messages within 24 hours.

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try to reply every message as soon as possible

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You are selling services in very over-populated categories. For example, there are nearly 30,000 other people selling gigs to design business cards. You have to make your profile and gigs more attractive than your competitors.

I think you need to include many more examples of your work. For example, your business card gig has three images but the first image contains photos of exactly the same business cards you show in the other two images! There’s very little variety, and if I was a buyer looking for a business card I would look for someone else who demonstrates more experience and examples.

Also, I would encourage you to be more dynamic with your wording and to explain why a buyer should choose you. Your wording is friendly but it doesn’t encourage me to work with you - you don’t explain or sell to me the benefits of working with you.

Your response time could be better, but it’s not disastrous. If you can, try and reply to messages a bit quicker than you have been doing.

Without seeing an example of how you respond to buyer requests, it’s not possible to say why buyers aren’t choosing you.

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thank you very much your advice
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