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My Account Disable Please Help Me,,

My Account Disabled Please Help Me guys!
i can’t send mail customer support team… Please anyone support mail…

Thank You!

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There’s nothing you can do.
As it says “”…no need to contact customer support"
It’s game over.
And no, it’s not a bug…it’s a feature.
Move on and do better in the next game without cheating in life.
Best wishes!

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What did they say in the email, why did they do this?

And you can contact them by replying to the email you received.

How many violations did you have?

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My gig showing there?
can you give me some info from my gig… i need help

Thank You

No, your GIGs are not live, this is from the past.
Please answer the question above.

Bro i don’t know …
i think fiverr disabled my account for sending my whartsapp number…


Yes, you are right. Sending your WP number will get you ban permanently.

So, you have your answer.

Please next time read TOS at least a little.

Rightnow what can i do?
can i back my account?

May you help to contact support nevertheless you will make new account.

No. It is finished.

You broke the rules.

If you do anything to get back on Fiverr all would be illegal ways.