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My account Disabled

I have two Fivver accounts one for personal that I’m using now and one for business. I purchased a white-board video 6 days ago on my business account. Last night I got an email that the video was ready. I tried to login to my account and apparently got the password wrong too many times and it disabled my account. It said to contact support. So now I can’t access the video that I need to get to ASAP.

I have contacted support multiple times and each time they reply with something that makes no sense. I have sent screen shots to show them and it hasn’t helped. The last reply I received from them the guy Mark said that from what he could tell my account has been disabled for months because I have another account… That is completely wrong considering I literally just bought the white-board video on that account 6 days ago. I sent off a screen shot of the PayPal payment with transaction id and still no help. This is getting ridiculous and when I reply to an email even if immediately after getting it, it takes support at least 12 hrs to respond and then the information is not helpful.

The first time they told me the account was fine and to just clear my cache and then this next guy says it’s been disabled for months. I don’t think anyone knows what’s going on and there is no good way to help. I’m at a loss here ans guess I will have to contact our local cyber crimes unit at the sheriffs office and file a report that I had my money stolen by the site. I don’t know what the hell else to do…

Have you checked the TOS? The part pertaining to multiple accounts may be of interest.


Buh buh, one is for BINNESS and one is for Mehhhhh :unamused:


Have you ever wondered why log in pages are decorated with the FORGOT PASSWORD option? I guess we will never know.


And the local cyber crimes unit and sheriff’s office will dedicate time and manpower for international hunt for your $42 dollars? the following might help before you deploy international incident where many governments will have to work together to bring back your kidnapped $42, give it a try.

other option is fine the seller with your personal account and ask them to send you the video there, try not to make another account, the personal one might also disappear.


You are in violation from what I can remember, you are not allowed multiple accounts. I think it probably was disable from their end. Perhaps you did key in the correct password, and after the order you placed was completed, they closed your account. Just go to paypal for a charge back or contact the seller to send you the gig to the other account. Good luck.


That means that the seller wouldn’t get the money he worked for.


Go for a PayPal for chargeback? Did you know that Chargebacks are against Fiverr’s Terms of Service and that all Order disputes must be completed through Fiverr or Fiverr’s CS?

Also, the fact that you have just suggested an individual who clearly got what he deserved by breaking the ToS - break it once again and steal the money from the Seller who has justly done what he/she promised to do and delivered the work as agreed, is disgraceful.

Advice to the OP? Read the ToS in order to avoid getting in trouble. It’s as painfully simple as that.

Especially when you’re dealing with serious Companies who are determined to actually enforce their ToS in reality…

And neither would Fiver -

I also suggested he contact the seller as well. If he opens up a chargeback/dispute in PayPal, Fiver will have to use discretion in opening his account to get his gig. After all, he also payed money, am I right?
Using a charge back will settle everything and it is unfortunate for the seller, but he/she is also in the mess. I am not bias, but that would be the 1st I would do if Fiver gave me the runaround. Put yourself in his position.

Richard, I agree with you. However, Fiver did take their earnings? So did the Seller? So what is left for the user, just sit back and say ok sure no problem? Did you know that Fiver has the “Obligation” to resolve this since they did take his money. We are not machines. There was an error on Fiver and the user. Fiver should have cancel the order. He should have read policies. But money was taken and this needs to be resolved. I would escalate this to Paypal if it happen to me, and I sympathize with seller but that’s the position they are in. That’s business. It’s not stealing and I am sure they will resolve this.

As in, what would I do if I ignored the ToS and opened multiple accounts? Am I the only one who actually reads the rules before signing up, and then sticks to them?

No, they won’t have to. They might, but they might also just keep him banned for breaking the rules.

Contacting the seller is definitely the better solution than just taking the money he honestly earned through a chargeback.

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No, you’re not @catwriter, but I’m getting increasingly fed up with the number of folks who join Fiverr and/or the forum and just pretend they either don’t exist, or don’t apply to them. I’m so glad I don’t work for Fiverr CS - they must be saints!


Hi cat, well I been in here for two and change months, my understanding Buyers don’t read much.
This is a Platform that took money and then “Cancel” his account. Very unpleasant. Fiver will have to own up if this escalates. We are not machines. Seller should also be upset the “Order” went through. This is a level playing field and should be used as such.

@marvin_flores I have two questions.

  1. Is it allowed to have multiple accounts on fiverr?
  2. What will happen if you have multiple accounts?

They’re within their rights to do that, if the user breaks the Terms of Service.

Seller got the order, and was obliged to deliver it. He had no way of knowing that the buyer’s account was disabled, unless he actually checked right before the delivery (and usually there’s no reason to do that, you get the order, you deliver, that’s it).

  1. No you can’t have any more than one account.
  2. Fiverr can, and will, shut down both your accounts.
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@offlinehelpers if this is true why there is so much discussion going on. It’s simple as that Buyer was having multiple accounts and when fiverr noticed this they disabled it.

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Totally agree!

The problem seems to be that the OP wants his work, despite his breaking of the ToS.

If this is what’s happened, then to be honest, he should be glad he’s still got an account with Fiverr.

Perhaps the video could be re-ordered from this one remaining account?

Or he could simply message the seller from his remaining account, explain what happened, and ask him to send him the video through the inbox.

Of course, the seller might get suspicious.


And you know what will “Happen” if you take my money and then cancel on me? I will withdraw my fundings. Or excalate/dispute, simple. Do what you feel works for you. I’ll do what works for me.