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My Account fiverr is banned

Hey everyone my old account fiverr is banned. So i wanna ask you abt the money i earnd
I will take my monzy after 90 days ???
What about an order i didnt deliverd that someone payed i will have it or no
Thank you all

Yep, you can withdraw your money after 90 days.

If your account has been permanently disabled, that order will have been cancelled. You won’t be paid for it.

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Thank you friend so sad really

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No - the order, that was paid and still in progress, can be finished.

I saw the account, that was blocked - it looks like a typical account, but as a seller, you can’t contact anyone, you can’t send any requests, your activity is blocked, but you can finish current orders and withdraw money

Don’t worry - your money is safe, you will get paid anyway.

And you can finish your orders

blocked and temporary restricted/under investigation are different things.

Some accounts are blocked right away with all orders cancelled and some stay under review for some time with the possibility to complete existing orders and blocked permanently after that.


Did you ask Customer Support for permission to open a new account?

If not, your new account could get banned, too.

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Fortunately, I didn’t see many cases - only one, when my friend was blocked (not by mistake or anything like this - it was absolutely her fauls, she didn;t read ToS and as the result, she broke the rules and was blocked forever). Thanks for your explanation!

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You have been using multiple accounts. Which is strictly prohibited by fiverr.
Your new account user name “soukainara1990” has opened in the month of June/2020
This new account will may be ban same as old account.
Because usually do fiverr ban all multiple accounts of each individual user.