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My account got disabled and i don't agree with the reasoning

Hello there,
all my gigs got removed and my account got disabled (this is a new one).

> Taking part in doing someone else’s academic work (which will likely be submitted as the student’s own work) or engaging in acts of plagiarism/unauthorised copying is a violation of most, if not all, schools’ Honor Codes and constitutes copyright infringement. This behavior can lead to the suspension or expulsion of students. Fiverr does not allow this type of fraudulent activities and it will not be permitted on our platform.

I didn’t copy any other gigs but i researched a lot before i created my own and my descriptions included pretty much everything that other proofreading gigs included. I would never take part in someone elses academic work, i just correct mistakes. Did i miss something here? Why did they disable my account?
I had like five 5* reviews already.
Is there any chance i could get it back?

Thank you for all your feedback!
I wrote a very detailed email and sent it to fiverr. I explained my situation and my mistakes regarding the ToS and i didn’t refer to “what others do”. I hope this will work. I am little concerned now since i originally paniced and didn’t find any way to reach out to fiverr without having an account, so i created a new one only to reach out to customer support which appearently is forbidden as well. Urgh

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What kind of services did you provide?

If strictly proofreading, proofreading of what specifically?

Other than that, email directly, provide your gig descriptions, (possibly) provide the descriptions of the projects you’ve done and ask them (calmly and politely) what triggered the account suspension.

Just don’t use the “but others do it” defense, it won’t help.


Thank you so much. I offered proofreading of german texts (i studied linguistics). I had 2 gigs: One for texts of any kind and one for academic texts (thesis, assignments). In addition i created both of the gigs again in german.
I don’t have the gig descriptions anymore because the account got disabled but i will try and email fiverr. Thank you!

That was probably the reason.


Hm. I’m not sure you can create gigs solely in German (i.e., it also has to include English translation).

Because otherwise, even the service is allowed on fiverr (not sure if it is), given that it is academic work adjacent, it could have been misunderstood by whoever (or whatever) was checking your gig.


This doesn’t comply with the ToS. Policy is policy and your opinion has no influence.

Don’t use others’ activity as a benchmark of what you should be allowed to do. You use the ToS for determining that.


Guys, thank you so much for all the replies. I have now reached out to fiverr support with the following message. Do you think they might reconsider?

Dear Fiverr team,

you recently disabled my account and i want to politely ask you to reconsider your decision.

I offered proofreading services of german texts and it appears to me that you were under the impression that i would be taking part in someone else’s academic work. As a person with an academic degree who works in an academic environment i would never engage in such highly unethical activity. It seems to me that i eather chose the wrong phrasing or didn’t mention clearly enough that my services don’t include editing or taking part in someone else’s work in any way.

I created 2 gigs: / description /. The reason why i created a gig specificly for academic texts was that there are many people out there searching for one of those keywords. I only wanted to adress more people and get people to look at my gigs. If this is the reason for you being suspicious i will gladly create only one gig and specificly state in the description that i will not violate the ToS policy.

I also created those two gigs again, only translated into german since i offer german proofreading. I recently learned that this is not allowed and that i at least have to offer an english description. I sincerely apologize for this, i should have made myself more familiar with the the ToS before i created those gigs. I will gladly stick to english gigs or gigs with german titles and an english description in the future.

I just started my little fiverr business a few weeks ago and got four or five 5 reviews so far. This might seem small but as a newbie on fiverr this is big. I also promoted my gigs outside of fiverr and got a bunch of people to create a fiverr account so they can book my gigs. I also engaged as a buyer and ordered thumbnails and videos for my gigs. I would appreciate it very much if you could reconsider your decision and enable my account again. I learned my lesson and won’t cause any more trouble in the future.*

I look forward to hearing back from you.

With kind regards,


There’s your reason.

Don’t put anything in your gig that would result in students ordering it so you’ll do their assignments, homework and such that they’d hand in. For many kinds of assignments the teacher/school/college/uni expects the students to do their own proofreading or editing, as part of the mark they’ll receive, or even the whole mark is for how students express themselves, not for how someone they paid masters grammar and expresses themselves, makes sense if you think about it.
You can offer proofreading of course but put examples like websites, ebooks for self-publishing authors, etc. in your gig, definitely not what Fiverr’s policy says you can’t, like assignments. Fiverr doesn’t want trouble with academic institutions and they are strict about this, same as about paid reviews. Accept it and find things to offer that aren’t against their terms or policies.

“This is a new one” - You’re not allowed to have more than 1 account at the same time or open another account if one was permanently suspended, of course, so if you want to argue your suspension with support or ask them what exactly you may or may not offer, do it through direct email as has been suggested, and yes, the “others do it as well route” won’t help, others will eventually be caught and their accounts disabled as well.

It’s probably better to just admit you didn’t read the terms when you signed up but did now and won’t offer anything that violates the terms again than to argue with others offering the same thing. Good luck.


You have to remove your email address from the post above. It’s okay to have it in your email to fiverr, but not in a forum post.


thanks, i was wondering! I will delete it as soon as i can edit it again.

does not allow these types of fraudulent activities grammar police here


:sleepy: :sleepy:Just don’t use the “but others do it” defense.i pray for you.

I do not like to quote myself, but on the other hand I do not like to rewrite things either.