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My account got disabled and under review with a claim of copyright in my portfolio(impossible), how much time will it take to get it restored?

10 days back, my account got Disabled and is now in under-review by Fiverr Trust and Safety team. The mail says it is for a design in portfolio is copyrighted. Now, I do not find that possible as I designed everything from scratch…

How it happened?

  • Well, some fellow sellers are trying to bring me down due to strong progress and I am aware of that.

Questions I have

  • It has already been 10 days, can anyone assist me how long will it take?
  • I have already asked customer support and they told me for an unidentified period which seems unfair
  • If i get it back, will my listing and everything will stay as it is?
  • Is it fair if I am totally not at fault and have to wait this long because this is the source of income I rely on and I do not plan to make another account or something if things goes wrong because I will find it hard to trust any further.

Can you guys be of some help here? Since my account is under-review, even approach from Support team has been changed. It’s like just the claim has made me guilty, it does not matter if it is correct or not.


You can reach support at

From what we know , the review period takes 2 - 3 months . Even if you have not done anything wrong , it will take this long from them to restore your account and your stats wont go away .

If you haven’t already, you may be able to make a presentation to CS, showing your case.

I would advise if at all possible to send files which prove you made this Portfolio piece, PSD, Inkscape, that sort of thing as that proves that you really made the work and it is 100% yours (as opposed to a few bits of clip art layered at free-logos-r-us dot com



I have already did that, have not got much favoring response. All i got it, it is under review and will get back after checking in no specific time-frame.

That’s quite an idea… I will provide that to the Fiverr team.

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How many days you need to get back your account?

It took around 2-3 weeks

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Exact how many days?