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My account got disabled, I have clearing balances

Hello, I still do not know why Fiverr disabled my account. I was doing mid-tickets gig between 250$ and 900$ I was working on extensive reviews of upcoming cryptocurrency projects. My questions as the following:

  1. Is cryptocurrency is against Fiverr policies?
  2. Will I receive my clearing balances? If yes how? when?
  3. Is there a phone number or email or a section to reach Fiverr support?

I thank you so much for helping me guys.


You will find the answers to your questions regarding disabled accounts and return of any funds in the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.

Here is the link for Customer Support:


Did you have a different account ? It seems that ‘’ noureddinekhiti ‘’ was recently made

hi [cre8iveartwork] please contact with fiverr suport

I think you got the wrong username

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hi [cre8iveartwork] you send a email using your fiverr email

:))) good one … seriously


You can contact CS
And Explain your All things

Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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You will get your clearing balance after 90 days . After 90 days of suspending account you need to contact support . And they will send you a link to access your account then you can withdraw your balance .

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