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My account got marked for GIG image. Need help!

Hi everyone. I uploaded a gig offering presentation design service and in my gig images I put two Google images as an example. Obviously, the gig was denied and my account got marked because of the TOS. I did not know that I can’t use license images on gigs that are related to design.

The message I got is that if I do that again my account will be blocked. So, I’m trying to upload the gig again and I made an image myself that is very similar to the ones I wanted to upload from Google, I used Canva to make the image. But, since it is very similar to the Google ones I’m afraid that Fiverr will reject it as if the image is not mine when it is.

What do you think about it? Should I publish the gig with entire confidence? I don’t want to make any mistake!

Thank you in advance for your help.


Hi hadmosphere. I don’t know how presentation design goes, but it seems evident that you could perhaps make your own original design that is not similar to the one on Google? You don’t need to use Canva’s template designs, but create your own. No?


When choosing a gig picture, everything has to belong you, it is forbidden to take certain type of content from google image.
But you can go to free pictures banks, yes.

Thank you for responding!

Yes, but since the gigs of all the other people who are offering the same as me (powerpoint presentation design) have the same type of images that are on Google, I wanted mine to look similar to theirs because I guess it is what works out for them, no? They say you should see other people’s gigs as a guide to build yours. Not to copy the gig, at all, but to know what can work. That’s why I made the image similar, to fit in with the service. Would you like to see it?

Now I’m aware of it, but If I upload an image of my own, even if it looks a little like images on Google, Fiverr will still know it is mine, no?

Why oh why would you want to look exactly like everyone else?

If every woman (or man) looked exactly like every other one, how would any woman hope to marry. Ok maybe in time, there’d be no single women left so the next man along has to marry her but that is a really silly strategy - or at least reeks of desperation.

In a crowded market being different is one of the smartest things you can be. Ricard Branson owns islands from doing this very thing. Virgin businesses were always different from what others were doing. Partly price (a poor strategy in freelancing or husband finding) but largely by having a better, friendlier offer.

Make your own images that show how you are not just another desperate seller trying to scavenge scraps after everyone else left. Show how your design is better than the average as a business never buys cheap or desperate. They absolutely never buy stolen. A business always buys safety and reliability.

Saying how safe you are to do business with, esp with I am reliable, infinite revision, money back etc actually achieves the complete opposite. You have to show it in your actions, how your images or video look. Your wording has to feel safe and reliable. Trustworthy. Stock images rarely achieve that as people know that they were stock images and do not represent you.

If you make presentations, I wonder why you do not have screen shots of those :wink:



It may work for them, but you don’t know in which context it did. For example if they were the very first people to post their gigs in that category and that made them also get the first sales, therefore building their reputation to where they’re now.

Is like, your parents’ life decisions work for your life too? Probably not. In this case is similar. Don’t copy other sellers, Canva templates, etc… Create your own, specially if you’re trying to convince potential buyers you’re talented enough to make their work.

It’s a lot better to stand out, create you own path and making something that is not overdone.

Ah, also, don’t use Google images. Most of them have copyright. Use free commercial use pictures from stock websites.

This will cause more saturation and you’d not appear as someone that special. I know that you’d hear this a lot from everyone here but you probably would have better chances if you appeared different from the rest of the clutter.

Also, always display your own work - you don’t want to get blocked permanently. All the best!

Thank you so much for the advice!

You’re right. Thank you so much :heartpulse:

I do have screenshots. Think I will upload ss instead. Thanks!

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Hi! Like the other posters here advised, yes, it’s much better to be original! You can use the internet for inspiration, at least until you develop your own design style, but everything needs to be yours, the gig images and what you ultimately send to your buyers. The more different you are from all the rest, the better! Good luck!

Check this out: Fiverr Help and Education Center (Gig Policies) before creating another gig.

Your account is now at risk!

Check this out: Don’t do it! … You Have Been Warned! if you want to protect your account.