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My Account got Restricted due to reasons I don't understand

Hello… Please Guide me…
I am a new seller. My gigs were 2 times deleted saying that they are violating TOS. While the same services which I offered are offered by many people on Fiverr.
Today morning for 3rd time my gig is deleted and also my ACCOUNT GOT RESTRICTED.
I received the following email:

Hi zarshad2017,

Upon reviewing your account, we have determined that your account activity violates our Community Standards and our Terms of Service.

As a result, your account is currently under review by our Trust and Safety team. During this period of review, you will be able to complete your active orders. However, you cannot place or receive new orders nor can you communicate with users, other than your Buyers/Sellers within an existing and active order. This decision was taken after careful consideration and cannot be reversed.


I am also surprised why did happen this to you!!!

Exactly what services were you offering. Just because there are other sellers offering the same thing doesn’t mean they haven’t broken the rules of Fiverr.





Ah, that’ll be it then. :slight_smile:


What should I do now?

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@cre8iveartwork Care to take over on this one, advice? Does he have a chance for a new account?


Please guide me what should I do to recover this account.

I really don’t see the point of your question


Just because someone is offering a service on Fiverr doesn’t mean that it’s allowed to offer that service; it could mean that they just haven’t been caught yet.

Your service violated Fiverr’s Terms of Service, and repeatedly putting up a service that violates the rules leads to a ban. You would have known that if you have read Fiverr’s Terms of Service, which is what you were supposed to do, and which is what you said you did when you checked the box stating that you’ve read the ToS and that you’re agreeing to them (and you have checked that box when you’ve signed up, otherwise you wouldn’t have been allowed to proceed).

You can try contacting Customer Support, apologize for breaking the rules, and ask them to give you another chance or allow you to open a new account.

And read the terms of service, and stop breaking the rules.


Thank you for your reply and guidance.

You are not getting back your account for sure, You have broken rules of fiverr tos to many times with given warning. So it means you cant also create new account. If you will do it, system will detect and you will be baned again.

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It would seem to me that you may have had some sort of light bulb moment when your Gigs were deleted 2 times prior to your account being totally restricted.

Seems you thought you could just fly under the radar or flip the bird to Fiverr TOS because well, “there are a ton of other sellers offering this stuff…” Don’t worry, their day will come to when their account becomes restricted as well.

You should have taken the hint the first 2 times and either come to the forum to ask questions or asked Fiverr exactly what you did wrong. Now that we see what you were selling, I can see why your Gigs were removed.

What a crock claiming you’re some “highly professional Fiverr Gig SEO expert”. Do you realize that to Fiverr this sounds as though you have been given the rubber stamp of approval by Fiverr? That they somehow think your service is amazing and would promote you?

That is why your account will not be reinstated. Your days of selling here (unless you cheat and create a new account, which will be found out soon enough and banned too) are toast.



It made me wonder so I searched…

It can’t be they are all under radar?

Something is fishy…

@zarshad2017 Ask them again what was wrong with your GIGs and send screenshots of the search results I provided, or make yours. Please share what they reply exactly. Are these 9000 services all illegal?

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“This decision was taken after careful consideration and cannot be reversed”. (from the reply from Customer Support).

Restriction - means the account is partially disabled. The customer, either buyer or seller, can access the account, withdraw funds, complete ongoing orders, and review their order history. They cannot place or receive new orders, nor can they communicate with other customers through inbox messages. Seller’s Gigs will not show on the marketplace, and buyers will not be able to place new orders.

Once an account is temporarily disabled, the customer will need to wait for the trial period which can take upwards of 90 days to be completed to know if their account will be restored or permanently disabled.

Note: Customer Support cannot influence the result of this review, nor can they update the user on the review’s end date.

The above is from the Help Centre.

You will have to wait for the outcome of the review.

some of them just offerring proof read fiverr description, video and thumbnails which may work. Few that offerring fiverr seo, rank etc only have few reviews which may indicate they are going to banned soon.


Many could be, actually. Years ago, this service wasn’t forbidden, and if a number of people offering that service just abandoned their accounts at some point, those gigs would still be there, unnoticed unless you search for them (or unless someone reports them).