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My account got restricted for stupid reason


my account was good standing and was old with featured gig after a while orders is stopped i thinks to start selling otehr services now troubles will come

i start selling a gig got order from someone then he claimed that he cant download the order and directly reported me to fiverr , fiverr acted fast and restricted my account

now is there any chance that i can get my account normal again? what i have to do?


@forata Don’t worry this also happened with me few days later.

You can message Customer Support for help and tell them all about this. They will fix your problem.

Good Luck!


The only way they would close your account for something like that is if you harassed them first. No way Fiverr would close an account because the buyer couldn’t open the file, doesn’t make sense at all.


Fiverr does not suspend, restrict, or remove accounts unless the account holder breaks the Fiverr site rules in some way, or the user is harassing or spamming others. I’m going to bet you were actually doing something you shouldn’t, and THAT is why Fiverr took action against your account.


yes fiverr most of time just restrict accounts random they not take their time to check

here is the story it started when i decide to sell some bitcoin method fiverr approved the gig and after i recieved order from the guy who make me troubles i sent him the course to download from zippshare site is famous sharing site due to course is huge i sent it via zippyshare

that buyer dont know how to download instead he ask me how to download or even ask for refund he writes me negative review and contacted fiverr telling them that he is expert and cant download because i scammed him fiverr just refunds him and removed the gig and restrict my entire account

i dont deserve to be restricted and my account was old with alot of positive reviews


hi parachaahmer2

could you please tell me how you got your account back? and what you told the custom support? as this is first time ever i heard someone got account back after restricted



This is, unfortunately, completely, and utterly false. Fiverr does not randomly restrict accounts. YOU did something wrong, and Fiverr restricted your account. Please take responsibility for your actions.

You are supposed to deliver work and files through the Fiverr system, not direct people to outside sources to get their work. You were basically selling illegal downloads (content that you do not own) – I can see where that might have been the reason Fiverr restricted your account.


but the file was big and cannot be attached into fiverr also the download links is allowed and sent inside fiverr , i was have otehr gig always send inside fiverr download links with no problems


I have asked support team and they recommended me to use dropbox or google drive but with Public link so my clients would not see my email or other contact details.
From what I know zippyshare website have so much popups ads that will bother your buyer, beside that these ads sometimes perform very bad… even they can install any plugin/virus accidentally so your buyer has pissed off and that’s the reason for your ban.
If you will ask support for files longer than 150mb then they will recommend trust and clean websites such as Dropbox or google drive.
I hope they will restore your account.


@forata Please contact Fiverr Customer Support as fast as you can. Because the more you waste your time the more you go far away from your account. Just tell them all the story that happened with you, be sorry,

But be fast, 100% you will get your account back.

They will reply between 5 - 6 hours. If you have again problem don’t worry, come here again and tell me :slight_smile:
Good Luck! :slight_smile:


thank you sir for your help

i did contacted them and asked them to return my account but they won’t return it

thank you parachaahmer2 and fidan06 too for your asking support for me if you could just ask them one more time that i will never sell that gig any more


thankyou but they not restored my account , if you could ask them for me i will never sell such problematic gigs


I am sorry but I don’t have any power to make them bring back your account. If they decide do not restore your account we can’t do nothing anymore. You can find other freelancing platforms and be more careful with terms and services.


I think this is the reason but it sounded like either you did not understand what jonbaas said or didn’t want to hear it.

You cannot sell something that the buyer downloads from another site.
You are guilty of copyright infringement and fraud.
You cannot sell something you do not own.
This is why it happened and you will not hear from fiverr about this.


No, they restrict and warn first. You have to prove that you were innocent after the fact. This happened to me, as well. It took 8 back and forths with CS and screen shots to prove myself innocent.