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My Account Got Restricted help please

Hello dear fiverr freelancers, my account got restricted, due to contact sharing, i shared my contact on demands of my clients ,and it was also mentioned in requirements of my gigs also, i can login to my account, i can also withdraw to my account, but all of my gigs are denied, what could be the best solution, please help, thanks


There is no solution. Your account was restricted. We cannot do anything to un-restrict it. We do not have that power. Fiverr is the only source for help on restricted accounts – talk to them.


@danirebelfx dear, Fiverr has no choice to return from restriction…

Did you share it on the order page, or in messages?

We are up to two or three a day of these messages of people getting their accounts restricted, usually for this reason, sharing contact information.

Sometimes the account gets restored or other times it is not restored.

in the messages,it was also mentioned in the Gig,

Try contacting support and lay out the full details. Be sincere and say you made a mistake. See if it helps.

You violated the ToS, then, and you did it several times. Personal contact information can only be exchanged on the order page (plus it’s a good idea to get the permission from CS first).

You can try asking Customer Support for help, but I’m not sure you’ll get the answer you’re hoping for after multiple violations.

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try contacting sellers support center, its the best option, there’s no other options :slightly_smiling_face: