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My account Got Restricted

Hey Fiverr team

My token request id id Request #586972 I am facing a problem with fiverr my account got suspend on 29 jan and according to fiverr team i suppose to get contact with them within 50 60 days now i am trying to contact with them from 28th of march but nobody want to reply me ? My 1627$ still in that account i joined fiverr for my family now i loose everything ? What should i do to get my money, Did i something wrong with fiverr i am really very very disappointed with fiverr support team…

Please reply asap


There was a reason to why this happened. Either with a seller or order.

You must have gotten a warning with a bar on the top.

To cover funds you must first clear up your mistakes ad write to fiverr.

Best of luck,

:slight_smile: Joe

The Creative Guys | 2014

I didn’t got any warning everything was going smooth i was delivered 30 , 40 orders a day when i got second level after 30 minute my account got banned without any warning and when i asked for the reason they just gave me that they found electronic location that’s it after that they never reply me… My 1635$ still in that account and nobody is responding i want my money that’s it…