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My account has beed disabled. How can I create a new one?

Yesterday, I lost my account. Its really hurts. Ayway, I want to create a new account. Then what is the procedure?
Thanks everyone


Contact Customer Support and ask them for permission and advice.

If you create a new account without the permission from Customer Support, you’ll just get banned again.

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I wonder if they ever give permission after they ban someone.

Yes right you are. they also said me that they dont recommend anyone to create account after getting banned!!

Who are “they”?

I guess it depends on what that person did to get banned in the first place.

There are posts by people who say they got permission, so I guess it depends on the severity of the banning reason.

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They means Cutomer support

I think some might have not been exactly forthright when saying that they got permission for a new account after being banned.

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That’s possible in some cases, or they simply misunderstood what CS told them, but in some it seemed smart enough people to not post it on the forum if they had not gotten permission. ToS doesn’t outright say ‘you get banned if you do this’ , but something like ‘if you do this to cheat’, which leaves room for a case by case basis approach, unless things are really very clear, I guess.

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I don’t believe for one minute that anyone could get banned, then get permission to get a new account.

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Yes, Absolutely right :smile: They do not allow!!

Yes many come on the forum and talk about making a new account after getting banned. We see it almost every day. I have clients sometimes that get banned and come back with new accounts.

contact support, if they say create a new account.Then you open a account,but if you open fiverr account without there permission,it’s can banned again.

So, are you saying that Customer Support told you not to create a new account?

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I think that’s what he means. But he still needs help with how to do it, if I’m understanding this correctly.

He needs help with not creating a new account?

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I’m not sure. :thinking:

The CS just told me that fiverr doesnot recommend to create a new account after getting banned!
And then I email then that I want to work. Is there any other options for me?
Now waiting for their reply

why were you banned?

I violate TOS they said. But they can be give me warning for that.