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My account has been canceled (But have $700 remaining balance)


I am a Buyer. My account has been canceled, for being rude–apparently I got 2 warnings in a row in a 24 hour period that resulted in my account being disabled.

Anyway, I have $700 remaining balance on my account. I want my money. How and when will I be refunded for the remaining balance on my account?


Have you contacted Fiverr CS after reading the correspondence that they sent you. The information that you are asking should be in an email that they sent you. Usually it is 90 days for sellers, however it may be different for buyers.

EDIT Looks as if the new ‘report’ button isn’t taking long to be used


I am trying to contact them. No response.

The information that I am asking is definitely Not in the emails that they sent me. As well, it is Not covered in their terms of service, which I almost read in its entirety.


Found this in the TOS, but references sellers and not buyers. Hopefully you get a response clarifying if you have to wait 90 days or a different length to receive your funds.

:black_medium_small_square:Sellers will be able to withdraw their revenues from disabled accounts after a safety period of 90 days following full verification of ownership of the account in question, from the day of the last cleared payment received in their account and subject to Fiverr’s approval.


You will get a refund.
Did you order a service that a seller still working on?

I wish you the very best.


Yeah, I’m not sure. There is no safety period associated with the Buyer’s account. I don’t see why they would put my money on hold for 3 months… I need my money back now, not after 3 months.


Are you saying that you are a buyer and definitely not a seller? If you have ever had an account which offers services for sale on Fiverr, they may think that you are operating multiple accounts or doing something untoward. I don’t believe that anyone should be banned without being given the opportunity to forward their side of the story. However, that’s the way Fiverr seems to roll.

Usually, when sellers are banned, they have to guess why and hope that Fiverr will release any cleared funds after 90-days. If you are a buyer (exclusively) I imagine that you would have more options.

If I were you, I’d send an email to Fiverr stating your case, before notifying them that they have until X-date to reply. If after this period Fiverr still doesn’t respond, you can then send a copy of this email to PayPal and/or your credit card company.

As long as you make sure to date everything and document all communication, this should result in PayPal or your credit card provider intervening on your behalf.


Yeah, only 100% buyer. Never sold.

I don’t know the exact balance on the account.

I hear you though, that’s what I will do. Thank you.


Hello, how does a buyer have $700 in their account? Just curious.


Your username indicates otherwise, and your profile description states: "I am an expert illustrator. I have experience drawing for kids books, medical books, book covers, gift cards, pamphlets, logo design, painting, etc.

I have a unique art style and can also draw in many other styles.

Message me if you need any customized work!"

I’m not saying that you’re not telling the truth, I’m merely pointing out that your username and profile description might lead people to believe that you were a seller at some point.


Run into shady sellers. There was a $650 order that I canceled. That’s why I was pissed off. Shady seller after shady seller. So, I started being rude.


Maybe your Paypal account or credit card company could help in that case.


Am sorry for your predicament. I wish you all the best.


what are you looking at getting completed for $600 - $700?


A simple app. That wasn’t finished, but the Seller kept submitting it as complete. I was away for a few days, and the transaction completed without my knowledge. It took me 1 week of complaining to Fiverr support to get a refund…

Also had 1 other order that was supposed to take 3 days to complete… The Seller took 2.5 months… After 15 messages to Fiverr support, and continuously asking Seller to cancel, the seller finally canceled the order because I just started being rude.

I got my second and third warnings and account was banned.


Okay, if you did start being rude, that’s a different story.

You can still do what I advised above. However, if you have breached Fiverr TOS, it will be ineffective. All Fiverr has to do to counter a claim from PayPal or your CC company, is show evidence that you have abused sellers or used the platform counter to how it is intended to be used.

In this case… Be nice in future.


What??? The money on my account wasn’t from breaching TOS. It was from a canceled order. They need to give me money back. They can’t hold on to my money.


I think even if you were rude that you will likely get your money back fairly quickly unless as mentioned above, you were once a seller.
Support takes time and for something like this it goes to the Trust and Safety department which may take longer than a standard ticket. Be patient and control the temper - CS didn’t mess you around, the sellers did.


I don’t work for Fiverr. It will be up to CS how they handle this. However, behaving inappropriately is counter to most businesses TOS. I used to be a hotel manager. If you were rude to a fellow guest, you’d be removed with no refund pending. It’s just the way the world works.

Just because you are online, doesn’t mean that you can categorize when certain rules of civility apply to you and when they don’t.


What…? I will have my lawyer contact them if they play this type of game.