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My account has been canceled (But have $700 remaining balance)


Well, I hope so. I will stay calm. Thanks for the advice.


That would mean international law, and would probably cost you more than $700.


I’m pretty sure that it wouldn’t drag on for that long. If it does, they’d be liable for my legal fees.


Bad temper is never a good idea, it always gets you in trouble.

I can’t understand why you were rude, there was no need as you had the option to cancel the order either by yourself or through CS requiring them to cancel it for you.


That is never a good idea. There is never a good reason to be rude to someone else just for the sake of being rude. It would appear that Fiverr felt the same way, and warned you about this behavior. Since you received more than one warning related to this behavior, it would appear that you’ve been doing it for a while. :neutral_face:


Not if Fiverr was acting in accordance with their Terms of Service. The TOS exist for the very reasons you are threatening. You can’t use a website, and then threaten legal action over the TOS you agreed to when you signed up for an account.


Just checked this account drawing4u , It looks normal. Are you saying you have a second account?


I looked at the profile and it says it was started in June 2016, so this might make more sense if that’s the case.


As a seller I would say be calm.Fiverr has made such a system that benefits both sellers and buyers.I never argue with my clients.I even give support once the order is completed from buyer.Due to this my all clients are mostly returning clients.
There should be no reason for being rude.You cancelled the order you will be refunded as simple as that.
Please relook your case first. If everything is right you are bound to get your money refunded.