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My account has been disable by Fiverr team


From the title you already know that I will discuss about what here. Yeah right, my Fiverr account has been disabled by Fiverr Team :frowning:
I think I was framed by someone who was not satisfied with my work, and he talked in the inbox section to get his money back and sent via Paypal with threat (Or I report to Fiverr). Well, finally I sent her money through Paypal for fear of the threat. A few minutes after that, I get a warning from Fiverr and that her completed Order is suddenly canceled by Fiverr and her money back (She gets her money back and money from me).
I asked for my money back and finally she complained to Fiverr and yes, Fiverr claimed that I was guilty (invited payments outside Fiverr).
And my Fiverr account is permanently disabled :frowning:
And I have to create a new account and my money from Fiverr results I cannot be taken now, have to wait 90 days :frowning:

Bad day

Account demoted - but why?

That’s because fiverr gets %20 from the money you earn. When you do payments outside fiverr they don’t earn.


Your forum profile points to another Fiverr account. Why?


Yea, that’s disabled:


Have you created a new account?


The account I just created. The old account “dearartpkp” and create a new account “Jonk_studio”. That’s because my account has been disabled


Yep, Jonk_Studio. Just like my studio near my house


You should ask to CS if you’re allowed to create a new account.


Well now you need to go to paypal and ask paypal to refund the money you had previously sent to the buyer. The funds sent outside fiverr cant be claimed by fiverr but can be claimed by paypal.


I’ve asked and now I’m waiting for a response from them


Thank you for your feedback. But let it go, I am sincere and if I allowed Fiverr to create a new account, I hope I will get more :slight_smile:


I don’t think that’s legal. From what I know, once banned, always banned. You registering new accounts under a new name is BAD. At least it’s how things work in YouTube and other platforms, should be here too, or it won’t have any sense.

I sent her money through Paypal for fear of the threat

What if 100 people threaten you? You gonna work for free all your life?


I have contacted Fiverr and asked if I can create a new account?
And if they retaliate should not, then I will stop from Fiverr and try to focus in my small studio at home.


That’s the Spirit…:wink:


What’s your small studio? You have photos? Just curious.


Yes, Jonk Studio is my studio name, next to my house. For now only ordinary photo shoot, wedding, printing and editing. I hope to grow.


Sounds cool. Maybe you can do a YouTube channel and vlog and everything, get more traffic.


Aww so sad to hear your account has been disabled, I love your work!


Thank you :slight_smile:
I really want to do it, but right now I don’t have any ideas that I should pour over there :slight_smile: Maybe later;)


Thank you :slight_smile:
I have created a new account already allowed by Fiverr :slight_smile: I wish I could be better than before :slight_smile: Maybe you can be my first customer :stuck_out_tongue: