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My account has been flagged

I got a warning of account flagged ! Tell me how it will be recovered and what is the effect of account flagged?

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Hi, on Fiverr or on this Forum? Can you go into your account? Is it a buyer or seller account

It is a seller account

Did you perhaps do something wrong to be flagged? Did they tell you why?

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Yes because I share my What’s app number with my client and 1 warning because I said why he left 1 star because he leave 1 star by mistake. Kindly tell me after how many warnings we got banned and what is the effect of account flagged and how its recoverd

Warnings are only issued to buyers and sellers for breaking Fiverr’s terms of service (TOS). So the first thing you should do is familiarise yourself with the TOS. Normally if you receive three warnings your account will be suspended.

You ask how your account will be ‘recovered’? Your account doesn’t recover. Warnings stay with you for as long as you hold an account with Fiverr. I can’t tell from what you’ve written whether you have already received one warning or two warnings. You can do the maths… you’ll either have two warnings or one warning left.


@english_voice does warning effect my gig performance?