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My account has been in deactivated without any reason

Whenever I try to log into my Fiverr account, it says ‘This account is no longer active’
I haven’t done anything that violates the terms and conditions of the site. Or at least any am aware of.
Please help me



I’m sorry for what you’re dealing with! Please check your email inbox. They send an email explaining what they’re doing and why!



I haven’t received any email as to why my account has been made inactive

Double check your spelling, try another browser. Failing both, you can reach Customer Support with email:

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So what’s the problem, is it my browser or what?

We on the forums are only Buyers and Sellers like you. We con only offer suggestions or advice based on past experiences or other threads. If you want help from Fiverr, you’ll need to contact them through the email address I already shared.

I don’t know the problem, and account deactivations are always accompanied by an email. Did you check your spam folder?