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My account has been permanently disabled and I don’t know why

I was excited joining Fiverr and published my first gig. I finally had my first order after eagerly counting the days to have one. I worked on it overnight, delivered, and buyer was satisfied. What could go wrong? First is always a bliss. But hours later I received an email that my account has been disabled and said it was being flagged for trying to conduct business outside this flatform. I was a newbie here and trying to get out of unemployment. My buyer asked for my paypal and i forwarded the link. Could that be the reason? Well if i can’t recover my account, it’s been a very quick ride for me to do online hustle. Disabling an account permanently without a fair and clear warning seems unreasonable and stressful. I don’t even think of my earnings, it’s the effort that I put in that has gone to waste.

Sorry to hear that.

Most likely. It’s against Fiverr’s Terms of Service to do business off the site.

Often people are banned after a second or third violation, but that’s not a strict rule, just a trend.

You’ll be able to withdraw those after 90 days. Message Fiverr and they’ll help you sort out a way to withdraw your money.

You could apologize, say you’ve now read the ToS thoroughly, and ask for permission to open a new account. I don’t think it’ll work, but it’s worth a try, especially if you’re going through a difficult time financially.


You gave a buyer your PayPal and you don’t know why your account was disabled? Wow.


Clearly you didn’t read Fiverr TOS. Try to contact CS to see if they can do something for you and make sure that you always read TOS everytime you create an account to sell your services, for your own safety.


It wouldn’t have happened if you familiarized yourself with how Fiver works and its basic terms and conditions before you started selling.

You have broken the same rule most people break when then join Fiverr and just start trying to use if how they please, without reading things like Fiverr TOS first. You also have the same "I’m, poor and unemployed" sob story.

As it is, the best thing you can do is start over somewhere else a little more carefully. It may take up to 10-days for someone to look at any support ticket you open.

When someone does look at your ticket, they will see that you sent a buyer your Paypal address in you’re very first order, but now think Fiverr should give you a second chance. If they do give you a second chance, it will be nothing less than a miracle.

I’m curious though. Doesn’t this mean that the buyer reported the message where she published her paypal? Because it happened to me that some buyers shared their email with me without knowing it was against the rules, but I simply told them it was against the rules and since I didn’t flag their message and it was a private conversation, they weren’t banned. Does this mean the buyer asked for her paypal and then flagged her message?

Not necessarily. The buyer asked for the PayPal, and she sent an e-mail address in response. The e-mail has an “@” in it, so it’s trivial to be automatically flagged by the system. Now, no one can know exactly what happened, but it seems perfectly possible it was an automatic flag.

Doesn’t an automatic warning message appear every time you try to type in “@”? That’d be a clue enough.


Yep. Fiverr does warn us if we temporarily forget…

However, OP made a newbie mistake, she should have a second chance, IMO. But it’s probably not going to happen…

Fiverr has been pretty lenient towards newbies from what I’ve seen. There is a chance that apologising and reading ToS will work.

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you really should let the buyer settle the payment through Fiverr and never give your paypal acc on someone else’s platform (Fiverr)