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My account has been put on vacation!

So, today I answered a message from a potential buyer. The service he was asking for would require a 3rd party communication platform so I asked if skype would be needed. And he also asked me what my hourly rate would be so I answered that it’d be $10 because Fiverr takes 20% from sellers’ earning. Apparently, this conversation led to a warning from Fiverr. I got an email from Fiverr warning me to not share any contact details. And I’ve noticed that they put my account on vacation. Now I’d to know If anyone has ever experienced this? And how long is this gonna last (vacation mode)?

When you signed on Fiverr, you should have read TOS and you should have known that disclosing any personal information like email, skype id or telephone number is strictly forbidden.

You couldn’t contact any potential buyer outside Fiverr if you were not allowed from Fiverr editors. Do you need to use Skype for some of your gigs? Send a ticket to Customer Support and ask them.

Reply to @mark74: I already knew about it. The thing is I didn’t share any contact details with this buyer, I only asked him if Skype would be needed since I know communicating through a 3rd party platform isn’t allowed unless permitted by Fiverr.

But, I’ll ask them. Thanks.