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My account has been restricted and i have an active order

Just Yesterday, Fiverr give me a notice for verifying my ID. I have a temporary National ID. that’s why I tried to verify with my National id and Selfie, but I failed. Then I contact with ‘‘Fiverr Help and support’’. Fiverr reply to me, do again to verify my ID with my NID. That’s why I again tried to verify with my national ID and Selfie. After 5 attempts Fiverr restricted my account. Please i want my account to be unlocked because i have an active ordered in my hand and i have not delivered it yet…

What can I do to get back my account and verify because i dont know anylink to contact, someone should help me please am worried

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You can still deliver the order. As for the restricted account you have to get your original national ID card or international passport to get verified easily.
You can also contact customer support and explain the situation.
Good luck.

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tenks but does it mean, that i am not gonna received my payment meanwhile i have already delivered the job before the expected day, but my payment dosnt enter earnings, does it mean am not gonna get paid please?

Hello, sorry wasn’t online.
You will get paid. My first account was restricted and i still received my earning…

Check this out:

There is a contact us button at the bottom of the article if you require further help.

You are not allowed to have more than one account

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