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My Account has been restricted. Please help me to get back my account


Last 5 days ago, i was talking with my buyer, his website has been created by me.

Buyer ask me about payment gateway setup (PayPal standard with live test ) i have configured it as sandbox but he request me to test an payment and want to make sure that all payments goes to his PayPal account.

So i offered him that, please place new 15$ order, i will make a test payment (membership package 15$/month) the amount will go to your PayPal.

He agree with me and provide his PayPal mail to set as live.

At that time one of my massage marked as spam.

Fiverr restricted my account because this is 2nd violation warning! (i have access but gigs are denied and massage not send)

Then i contact to Fiverr support and request to review our conversation and request also to reactive my account.

I promise that i will never violate any terms and conditions.

But Fiverr reply they currently reviewing my account once it will be complete they update me.

They are not mention any time or period how long it’s may take.

I am totally jobless and expect helps and suggestion.



I don’t think there is much anyone can tell you about getting your account back. I’m sure you can see why fiverr would ban the account of people who do what you did.
It’s violating a rule.


No one here (on forum) can help you. As of now, all you can do is patiently wait for CS to respond. I’d suggest you not to spam CS with messages or tickets.

You are not supposed to use words like Pay, Payment, PayPal etc. You violated fiverr’s ToS. Your messages was probably automatically marked as spam.

Or may be this got you in trouble. I would never agree to do this kind of job.


Why was it $15? Why not $5? Just curious.


So, even before this happened, you broke the rules?

Anyway, as you’ve been told, nobody on the forum can help you. CS will update you after the Trust & Safety team reviews your account, and nobody here can possibly know when that will be.

All you can do now is wait.


Because the website was membership package. I told him to set 5$ package but he was not agreed.

He was good man, but hi want everything according to his expectation.

I know i have done very bad job. But i expect only if Fiverrr give me back my account, I will never do like it.


Ok. They don’t give people more chances once they ban an account very often. They get tired of always warning people and having them ignore the warnings.


Thanks sir, I just ask for information what is the way… to get back it. And yes it’s 2nd warning ,I have 300$ fund also that waiting for clearance.


All you can do is wait and hope for the best. There’s no guarantee that they will give you your account back. You broke the rules twice, and they don’t like it.

If you get banned, you’ll be able to withdraw your funds 90 days later.


Honestly it was mistake but was not any approach to make payment outside of fiverr because i hate this.



It’s a mistake you are paying for. :weary:


While the word PayPal may have been the reason the messages were caught by the system, this was a dangerous thing to offer. If you do get your account back (or get permission to make a new one) I would not recommend ever providing any service that relates to making or receiving payments outside Fiverr. It should have been obvious that it wouldn’t be worth it even if you lost the buyer. I don’t think anyone on the forum can really help you with anything related to your account. Best of luck.


I know sir but i have no others platform accounts or others earning source. 90 days a long course for me.




Thanks for reply

I am felling now something free it’s just talking with all of you.


There’s nothing I, or anyone else on the forum, can do about it.


True,but i only share my condition nothing else.


I think you will get your account back, maybe! Because you were doing a test payment on the customer website via his paypal. But sending PayPal Emails and other personal information is not allowed on Fiverr. It is your 2nd warning so that also matters in this case.
You should’ve asked customer support first before doing some things.
I hope you will get your account back.
Good luck and keep us updated.


Thanks. You are right, But we are always working with website and in this case we need clients email many time to use his website.

I think this is need to manually verify what was the approach. It’s totally Fiverr own matter just i expect it only.

Now a days buyer is all in all i am bound and always they use me as they love also additional work that not covered the requirements is normal issues.

Sad about it:(


Didn’t understand this thing. But whatever!


Nothing dear, just i am talking about the restriction roles and how buyer took advantage while seller think about they need good reviews.

Buyer always request for additional work for free that was not included with requirements. But seller just always do it free and expect a good review, Here Buyer priority always but seller don’t get any opportunity without getting a platform for work.